Plantation Acquisition
and Rehabilitation

  • Despite long-term growth forecasts for timber products, capital investment into plantations in Sub-Saharan Africa remains low.
  • Asymmetric information and limited capital have created a highly fragmented market.
  • CAP creates value at the portfolio company level by improving forest resource productivity and matching harvested wood with appropriate manufacturing to supply markets where demand and profit margins are compelling. 


  • In Africa, demand for basic wood products – such as lumber, plywood, utility poles and composite panels – is driven by population growth, urbanization, and the emerging middle class.
  • Many plantations are unable to capitalize on this demand because they are not linked to end markets through adequate manufacturing capacity.
  • CAP is increasing local production of high margin forest products, reducing Africa’s nearly $1 billion of imports annually from Asia and Latin America, and thereby strengthening local economies. 

Biomass Energy
Replacing Fossil Fuels

  • Biomass is and will continue to replace fossil fuels in energy intensive industries in Africa.
  • In food processing, manufacturing, and agriculture, biomass produces high quality steam and electricity for blue-chip customers to reduce their costs and environmental impact. 
  • CAP is developing a portfolio of biomass energy projects with long-term off-take agreements with some of the most prominent companies in Sub-Saharan Africa.